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I will be good to you. That's my promise.

Congratulations on finding a partner to share your life with.

You've both made a good choice.  Now make another with the person who is going to document your glorious day in the sun.

A Good Choice

Hello, I’m Paul The Good Photographer.  As a 20 year photography veteran and with a history of shooting assignments for commercial advertising, beauty, fashion, and catalog clients, I bring a different perspective to your wedding.

If you’ve been looking for a friendly, relaxed, and easy going professional with a contemporary, bright, colorful and energetic style, you’re in the right place.

You might rightly ask why I’m The Good Photographer. “Good” was never meant to describe the quality of the images I intended to create, but rather a company philosophy really much more important to you.

The “Good” in the studio name is a constant reminder that wedding photography is a personal and intimate business, and that treating clients with attention, respect, and a great deal of understanding is possibly more important than the outstanding images and high quality products I deliver every assignment.

You don’t get married everyday and the process can be overwhelming.  You can think of me as your wedding day ally with a camera.

If you’re looking for someone looking out for your best interests, helping smooth through the nervous patches, the unexpected surprises, and concerned not that you just look great- but that you genuinely feel great during your once in a lifetime event, reach out and contact me!

213 4008006