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What fun to take a great looking couple like Dean Larit and Cheryl Perkins out for a couples shoot in Pasadena.  If you think you may have seen Dean before, you just may have on your TV- he’s often working his good looks on daytime soaps like Days of Our Lives.

Cheryl has been my friend for many years and I’m really pleased she’s hooked up with someone as smart, funny and full of personality as Dean.  Cheryl is a nutritionist and a great consultant for getting your life back in balance .  If you’re ever thinking you could clean up what you’re eating, or would like to get your house back from the stuff that has taken it over, go and check out her website.

We had so much fun on this quick little shoot that Dean was surprised that so much time had passed after we were done.

That’s when I as a photographer know that it’s all working the way it should- everyone is having a good time and great pictures like these are going into my camera.  To be honest, I hardly was aware of the time passing myself!

I have always admired these tile murals and thank you to Dean and Cheryl for giving me a chance to use them.

You can click on the pics to view the full sized image if you’d like.  They’re also in the Portraits section of my Portfolio.  Check them out!

Cheryl Dean 005 Pasadena City Hall April 2011

Cheryl Dean 004 Pasadena City Hall April 2011

Cheryl Dean 003 Pasadena City Hall April 2011

Cheryl Dean 001 Pasadena City Hall April 2011

Cheryl Dean 002 Pasadena City Hall April 2011